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Since my first administrative job at an office i also got stuck dealing with computer problems. I became the ms postmaster and my collegues soon came up with the nickname "Postbasterd". I always wanted to make a website .... but i never knew about what ? I always wanted to make a special site f.e. about second world war german tanks, or about solving it problems, or my vacations ? So ... i decided to put them together, I'am still working on it inbetween my busy schedule and daily routines. Please stop by again to check ...

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23-09-2008 Opening a Maxtor Personal Storage 3200 ..

My brother in laws girlfriend dropped her Maxtor Personal Storage 3200 when she picked up her notebook and forgot that the drive was still attached. Of course the drive is not accessable anymore and it makes a sound when you gently shake it. She had stored a whole bunch of foto's and data on the drive. She asked me if i was able to get the data off. I like a challenge so i took it home. First of all check at Seagate if it still under warranty! If the disk is out of warranty than you can safely open the case ... but how to open the case? Begin with the two screws at the rear, than use a tiny screwdriver to cut the seal in the middle at the rear. Put a tiny screwdriver behind the screwhole between the case parts (upper and lower) at the rear of the case to create al little openening. Than press/push (first foto, but than with both hands!) the sides (upper and lower) at three places together towards (you should hear the latches click out lose and its open ... The rest is easy. Goodluck!

02-01-2008 A New Year ...

I hereby promise to blog more often this year.

26-09-2007 Vietnam

From 26-09-2007 until 23-10-2007 we went to Vietnam. We have seen the most popular places from Ho Chi Min City, Cu Chi Tunnels, Na Thrang, Hoi An, Back Ma National Park, Hue, Hanoi, Sapa and finally Halong Bay. Soon i will post some pictures of our bike tour through the Mekong Delta and the trekking in Sapa.

03-02-2007 Another friend's computer ...

This week a friend called with the following: his pc suffered from a blue screen of death after he started word or excel. Can you help me ? Next week he really needs his machine because he has important stuff to take care of. So ok cleaning infected pc's is one of my favorite chores. I first started disabeling system rerstore and checked regedit for the run, and run once keys. I removed like 9 suspicious entries. Taskmanager and internet connection are not funtioning at the time. So i am not able close any tasks and update directly from the internet. I downloaded seperate update files for AVG Free, Spy Bots and the installer packages on my usb-disk. Installed both and updated them both. Started scanning for spyware and this scan triggered the anti virus scanner. Removing some spyware and a full system scan my virus scanner infected count looked like a slot machine ..... i was winning big figures at a certain point i reached 1300 and decided to capture the moment so i took my digital camera ans shot a movie finally i reached the 4400. AVG Free did not remove all. After trying some other online tools i decided to format and reinstall the complete machine. My friend bought a Medion tower and i including a sysprep installation of Xp. This was a non Sp version so after installing i started installing some extra tools for extra safety, install Sp2 and went further updating and finally i had to install 68 updates (exp Internet Explorer 7) Completing his installation with other software and replacing data i cloned his complete c:\ to an image on another partition for backup. My friend stil has an isdn connection and doesnot want to switch to adsl, i tried to explain that is not not safe to connect without bandages for xp. Hope he learns this time ... and takes my advice.

02-12-2006 My friend's computer ...

My friend got another virus so if i could please fix it. So i stored some tools on my usb disk and went over to check. This is what i found.

Trojan horse Generic2.KAJ in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\it_0012.exe
Trojan horse Generic2.JRY","C:\WINNT\Temp\it_0012.exe
Trojan horse Generic2.IGO","C:\WINNT\msagent\chars\odsmcd.dll

And some spyware

Tracking Cookie

23-05-2006 Blue screen of Death

This morning i started my tower an after my asus p4pe logo, w2k started loading and bang a blue screen of death with the following error cdr4_2k.sys driver unloaded without cancelling pending operations. Disconnecting the power for > 30 seconds and a reboot fixed the problem.

23-03-2006 Updated German King Tiger ..

The complete story of the King Tiger from Tamiya in the according assembly guidance. Soon with pictures of the painted model.

18-03-2006 P2P damage ?

A Friend called me that his computer was not working and rebooting all the time. Because he is not very clever with computers I help him these things. He is running Windows 2000 Professional, all patches, AVG Free Edition, Anti spyware software and so on downloads music with e-donkey2000. Last week I read on the Internet that these P2P networks were heavily polluted with viruses and shit, so I would not be surprised that he has been hit. The strangest windows errors I have ever seen, after every reboot a new error. Starting windows in safe mode worked fine until trying to run an executable then the system restarted. Restoring the last known good configuration worked but after the reboot the system hung. It's an old computer so I started suspecting maybe there might be a hardware or heating problem. I finally repaired the installation to exclude that option after checking the processor and main board temperature. The repair worked out fine no problems with overheating or what so ever so in the end I think my friend has probably been on the wrong place at the wrong time

15-03-2006 Dusseldorf Germany

Tomorrow we are going to Dusseldorf by car to stay for two nights at the Mercure hotel in Erkrath. I Have never really been to Germany so i'am curious. I still need to get a proper roadmap from the internet because we don't have any navigtion.

09-03-2006 Birthday ...

Another year past, time flies ... when youre having fun. I hate my birthday because it reminds you that you are becoming old would the pessimist say. Maby i need to view it from another aspect like the optimist every year you will retire sooner?

21-02-2006 Sturmtiger finally finished

I have been ill for a few days and this weekend i finally finished the scale model (1:35 - Italeri, kit no: 299) of the Sturmtiger. Almost two years ago i started to look for change of mind while i was ill, so i began building the heavy (38 cm) motorized mortar. The tracks (or "ketten" in German) are the worste, because you need to mount them piece by piece. Now when it's finally finished i need to have it paint-brushed. So i need to buy a paint brush and paint soon, in the meantime i also started whith the scale model (1-35 - Tamiya) King Tiger.

15-02-2006 Windows Defender Beta 2 ...

Spyware remover fan as i am, i had to try it, i learned about difficulties installing (error 1609 while applying security settings) over the first version of MS Antispyware and that validation is required but in my case it won't install at all. When i run the msi file the following error appears: "This software requires GDI+. Please load the Windows 2000 Security Software PreRequisite Pack". Followed by an installation error. My computer is running Windows 2000 Professional Sp4 + post SP5 patches. According to the system requirements it should work. Checking the Faq's and running several queries againt the support site didn't help me much. Tonight i updated my system first with the new updates from yesterday. I figured my w2k configuration needed a reboot. Rebooting didn't help. My Pc is dual boot, i have a second "Game" Windows 2000 Sp 4 installation. That version is less updated as my normal installation, same error when i tried to install Windows Defender. I suspect it has to do something with my w2k installation(s).

08-02-2006 Hit Recognition

I just saw the clip from the Bloodhoudgang (the-Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss) for the first time on tmf! I have turned the album dozen times and this track is also one of my favorites. I had the same with Talk from Coldplay. The dj's on the radio didn't play Talk at the lauch of X&Y. Since two or three weeks they play it on the radio frequently. This feels like when you have a deja-vu or when you hear like an old time favorite that brings up memories. I love music, there's no life without good music. Soon i gonne publish my own chart.

23-01-2006 Updated German Tanks ..

German Tanks now summarizes the following chapters: Tiger, Panther, Jagdpanther, King Tiger and Hunting Tiger but will expand soon.

12-01-2006 Windows Update failed to install Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool - January 2006 (KB890830)

Today i noticed that the monthly patches for windows were ready so i tried to install them as usual. This time my anti-virus scanner AVG Free Edition was the bad guy and prevented installing. Checking the system log didn't help me much. Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x80070643: Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool - January 2006 (KB890830). Simply quit Avg control center and in my case the update icon appeared instantly after quitting Avg.

05-01-2006 Updated Russian Tanks ..

Russian Tanks now summarizes the chapters until now: types of T-34, SU and KV tanks but will be expand soon.

28-12-2005 Spyware Blast ... SpyAxe, SpyHound, SpyHunter, SpySherrif .... all annoying fakes !

Today i had to get rid of this piece of crapware, Hitman Pro didn't solve the problem, and searching the internet for solutions didn't help me any further. There was one document of a manual removal, but for example the mentioned files were not there, so i was soon done with the document. Here's how i got rid of SpyAxe:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"{438755C2-A8BA-11D1-B96B-00A0C90312E1}"="Preloader van browseui"
"{8C7461EF-2B13-11d2-BE35-3078302C2030}"="Cache-daemon voor onderdeelcategorieën"
"{A2C8F6B1-7C2A-3D1C-A3C6-A1FDA113B43F}"="Security Update"

Before deleting anything from the registry make a backup of the key!

Deleted registry values:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MenuOrder\Start Menu2\Programs\SpyAxe
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\spyaxe.exe

searching the registry for SpyAxe i found this app id

"{A2C8F6B1-7C2A-3D1C-A3C6-A1FDA113B43F}"="Security Update" gevonden wat spyaxe vermoedelijk kan zijn.
"{70F17C8C-1744-41B6-9D07-575DB448DCC5}" = App Id = Spyaxe

Researched the complete registry for spyaxe, and matching app id's, removed all found keys (create an .reg backup file !)

Deleted directories:
C:\Program Files\SpyAxe
Temp files

30-11-2005 Trojans ...

I like to warn all readers from this post, for the following .... A friend of mine asked me where he could get free winks, so i went to google and found the follwing site [] After downloaded two .exe programs, i already got suspicious but what the hack, after running the exe a program setup like usual with the standard issues, then i got an error and a notification from AVG with the following. ;"";"Trojan horse Downloader.Istbar.6.BU";"C:\WINNT\system32\winks.exe Detected and deleted by AVG So now worries ok ... but the wink is installed on my computer and i can use it, scanned the system twice to find a possible system hookup or so, but nothing. Tried another scanner, check my registry for any hookups etc but didn't find anything.

14-06-2005 Traffic

To travel from work to home in the afternoon takes like 15 - 20 minutes. Today it took me about one hour and a half. A truck crashed at the road in the afternoon where i live so the police blocked the road from both sides. Complete chaos everywhere! At a certain point i could almost see my house and the police directed me (under protest !) to the left so i had to drive another 6 miles the wrong way. The policemen didnot even let me talk , i bet he couldn't handle the situation. At last i came home finally. The roads are overcrowded here, everytime when an accident occurs or similar the traffic is useless. I'am going to complain about the so called service from the police.

05-06-2005 No internet only msn seemed to work...

Today i really got hacked in someway ... strange things were happening, so i had to investigate and found the following details.Netstat met regel
Tcp (1974) ESTABLISHED erbij ...
Active Connections

Proto Local Address Foreign Address State
TCP computer:microsoft-ds computer:1311 ESTABLISHED
TCP computer:1311 computer:microsoft-ds ESTABLISHED
TCP computer:1231 ESTABLISHED

Microsoft Windows 2000 [Version 5.00.2195]
(C) Copyright 1985-2000 Microsoft Corp.
C:\Documents and Settings\>nslookup
Default Server: speetouch.lan

Server: speetouch.lan

Non-authoritative answer:

> set type=all
Server: speetouch.lan

*** No all records (ANY) records available for
> set type=mx
Server: speetouch.lan

*** No mail exchange (MX) records available for quit
> exit

C:\Documents and Settings\>ping

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from Destination host unreachable.
Reply from bytes=32 time=164ms TTL=35
Reply from bytes=32 time=165ms TTL=35
Reply from bytes=32 time=165ms TTL=35

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 164ms, Maximum = 165ms, Average = 123ms

C:\Documents and Settings\>tracert

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 <10 ms 1 ms <10 ms speetouch.lan []
2 20 ms 8 ms 7 ms
3 8 ms 8 ms 8 ms []
4 8 ms 8 ms 7 ms []
5 8 ms 9 ms 9 ms []

6 87 ms 87 ms 86 ms []
7 87 ms 87 ms 87 ms []
8 157 ms 157 ms 158 ms []
9 157 ms 156 ms 158 ms []
10 165 ms 166 ms 166 ms
11 165 ms 166 ms 166 ms []

12 166 ms 166 ms 166 ms []

Trace complete.

C:\Documents and Settings\>
DNS service microsoft reg key deleted at run +run services once deleted
LocalM / CurrentU/

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run Once]
"Microsoft Internet Explorer"="C:\\WINNT\\system32\\drivers\\svchost.exe"

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"MsnMsgr"="\"C:\\Program Files\\MSN Messenger\\MsnMsgr.Exe\" /background"
"Mircosoft DNS Service"="C:\\WINNT\\system32\\drivers\\svchost.exe"

Trendmicro scan
Troj-ISTBAR.x D:\USBdisk\,)

01-06-2005 Europe Yes or No ?

The big "Referendum" (accepting the european constitution) a shown to have completely turned the other way as the dutch politics expected. I rolled from my chair when i saw it. It turned out to be a big fat "No". Iám not against collaboration between the european countries but the problem it has gone to fast for the "plain" civilian/worker. It is full off contradictions. The politics kept tellig us to vote yes, but never really gave the proper arguments in decent dutch. They also claimed that normal life (based on dutch constitution) was not going to change much. They didn't want our opinion when we had to trade the dutch guilder for to the euro? so why this time? They completely missed the target the way they did. I also voted no, because i didn't see the use.

30-05-2005 France

I'am a very busy man so i don't have much time to check the news. I'am not subscribed to a daily newspaper but i keep track of the news using my rss reader at work, the radio and tv. I hate politics but it try to keep updated with the issues all over the world. As it is important that France voted against the european constitution for The Netherlands before we have to vote against. Iám convinced that the dutch people are going to vote against because the we (civilians) don't receive real answers from the media. I have seen several talkshows where questions left unanswered by the president or other government people. As i see it, if nothing is really going to change then why vote yes? and not have your own constitution anymore?

04-05-2005 Spyware and Trojans

Today i had a job to clean a windows 2000 Professional pc from a customer. The problems were several Internet explorer windows at startup and very slow hardly responding computer and the error message "msgsvr32.exe is not a valid 32 bits application" First i tried because of the Sober worm activity lately, nothing. Checked the known "Run Key" using regedit.exe (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run) Found several funny named executables. So i started cleaning these entries. Wrote down all the names of the funny exe files. After a reboot the machine was already working much better. Updated Mcafee Virusscan to the latest dat files. Started a full scan ... no results so far, not even the funny named exe files? Went to Trend Micro an started Housecall, after installed i ran an online viruscheck, this check found all the funny exe files to be trojans. I always had the idea that Mcafee was the best anti-virus solution there was but it missed approx. 10-15 Trojans! Downloaded Hitman Pro to check for spyware, Hitman Pro found a lot of spyware. After the next reboot i still got the msgsvr32.exe error, checked the registry for msgsvr32.exe in the registry but i got several entries of temp files. Located the file in a folder named "Winsvc" in the Program Files folder, renamed the extension to .old. Still i had no clue how this error kept appearing after i started up. Then i tried seaching the registry for the program folder "Winsvc" the i found an key under the an shell internet explorer sub key. Removing the key solved the problem. This was the worse pc to clean i have had in a long time. When i modify the registry i always create a backup, just in case.

30-04-2005 Queensday

The annual Queensday ... Official Holland is a monarchy but there's also a government and a president (Jan Peter Balkende) chosen by the "people". Today our queen Beatrix (incl. royal family) pays some local towns a visit to celebrate her mothers Queen Juliana (died 20-04-2004) anniversary. Celebrating means in many towns eating local dishes, practicing local games, enjoy folklore. In other tows everybody is able to sell all their junk in puclic and enjoy local games in townsquares. Bands are playing for free and people are going crazy. I love queensday!

28-04-2005 Toothache #4

"Bad tooth" state has not changed, today i needed to go to my regular dentist for the half year checkup. Everything was fine execept for the tooth the weekend dentist filled with temp. fillings, i need to come back 21-06-2005 to have root canal again and patch the holes. I still hurts now and then with eating and drinking.

23-04-2005 Toothache #3

Today i went to the "weekend" dentist, it just had to be done, there was no sign of any progress. I had to go to Wateringen because my own dentist had weekend of course. I checked the adress on the internet and printed the route. Driving the exact way like the map we didn't find the dentist ! Called the dentist and asked him to give me directions, at last we found it, the route from the internetsite was not correct missed two streets to the destination! Gonne write them an email about this. The dentist was a nice man, he found out that a part of my tooth has broken off, first he gave me anesthetic round the broken tooth, than he drilled for a while .... had my first rootcanal treatment (4x) and patched the holes with temp stuffing. Faster said than done, one hour later i was standing outside, no fealing in the left side of my face, i was released from my continues torture! Tonight i' am going out to celebrate !

21-04-2005 Toothache #2

Teeth got worse ... taking aspirine has become a daily drill ...try to eat as much as i can but it's too little. The pain is constant and sometimes becomes unacceptable, i just need to go to work tomorrow, i don't want to report myself ill this week. Having bad nights by the teeth i 'am changing slowly into a zombie, 6 days until dentist to go ....

19-04-2005 Toothache

Since yesterday my teeth are very sensitive and i' am having headache's. Eating (one of my semi hobby's) is very painfull. I have had these sympthomes like a year ago and went to the dentist, there was nothing wrong with my teeth but this time i don't know ... have to go to the dentist next week for the half year controle. Hope that he can help soon !

17-04-2005 Schevingen ...

I went to Scheveningen this afternoon with a friend of mine. He needed to sell some audio car parts .. but he did not wanted to go alone so i he phoned me to join. No problem. It whas a nice day to drive, to go outside, to do something outside! During the journey i was checking everything out. In a parked stationwagon at the side of the road a guy was sitting in the back ... with his girlfriend on top of him ! I was shocked thinking what if i was in his place, all there cars, all these people !

16-04-2005 Old car

Went out bed this this morning to wash the car and clean it inside, today was gonne be the big day, the possible buyer wanted to see the car first of course so we made an apointment today. Sold the rover ... yes !!! Several emails, one phonecall, and an appointment, a testdrive, a cup of coffee, counting money, a visit to handle the licenseplate paperwork and done. Made a nice price after all. One worry less ...

13-04-2005 New car !

Today i had to pick up my new car (a second hand toyota) but i still need to sell the good old rover, but there's hope selling it soon. The toyota is much more basic but drives like fire, no damage, nothing to complain about .... exceept for the radio ... no radio ! aaahhh ! This weekend i' am gonne score me a nice radio. I placed two add's on the internet with pictures and several people bid, but nothing really schocking happend until so far ... keep you updated

16-09-2005 China

From 16-09-2005 until 07-10-2005 we went to China. Soon i will post some pictures

09-04-2005 Bankingtroubles

Today i had to go to the bank to make my new card work, show my id and leave, i'am afraid it wasn't that easy. Lets start from the beginning, about two years ago i missed the code tree times by accident. My card got detroyed, went to my bak and applied for a new card, i got a new card and a new code. Until so far everything is ok. About half a year ago i got an new card because of telebanking, it should be the a replacement for my old card. Because the bank never mentioned an new code, i assumed it would be my code belong to my recent card, so i tried the card two seperate times, no cash. Because the card didnot work i contated the bank. I had to pay the office a visit and show my id. The lady behind the counter hated my guts from the beginning and i hated hers. First of all i had to wait over 15 minutes before somebody was available, than this lady asked me: "Hello what can i do for you ?" I stared my story and suddenly she was doing some thing completly else, she picks up a ringing phone and helps another customer for over 10 minutes. After i got to finished telling my problem she claims that i missed the code three times on the new card three times and the card got blocked. I tried to explain what happend and that there was probably a small problem in the administration of the bank. because i only used the new card two times. Now finally after have to fill out two forms i will receive a new code for the new card. This joke costed me a large potion self control a lot of time .